Oral DNA Testing


This saliva test determines if the patient has a genetic predisposition to developing excessive inflammation when infected with pathogens. The human cells from the lining of the mouth (“mucosal cells”), collected from the patient’s saliva, undergo DNA analysis at the lab. Some individuals have genetic variations that may lead to a more pronounced body’s natural immune response in the event of infection or an illness. Patients who test positive for genetic variation (High-Risk Factor) are hypersensitive to oral bacteria and may develop a severe gum disease, even in the presence of the relatively low level of infection. Such overproduction of immune proteins and other active agents may result in the destruction of host’s own tissues.

This test plays a critical role in the interpretation of cases where the physical presentation of the patient’s significantly inflamed oral soft tissue does not correlate with the relatively small amount of bacteria detected in the patient’s mouth.
The treatment of such individuals must be adjusted and carefully monitored. Possible flare-ups of patient’s gums can be and must be prevented.

Oral DNA testing is simple, fast and noninvasive. The saliva sampling is performed right in our office with results available in about a week. It’s a simple but highly effective way to help you manage your health. Call our office at 212-564-6686 today to schedule your oral DNA test.

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